The PicLan-IP Mail Server

The PicLan-IP SMTP/POP3 mail server provides high-performance internet mail support within the MultiValue environment.  This allows you to directly send, receive, and relay internet standard email messges directly from your MultiValue system.

Sending Mail

The SMTP/POP3 mail server allows you to generate and send mail directly from within your MultiValue appliations.  Sending a mail message is as easy as calling a BASIC subroutine.  This allows you to easily integrate email into your standard business work flow.  Email users about order status, late invoices, and marketting specials.  Because email is now "inside" the MultiValue environment, you application has easy access.

Receiving Mail

The SMTP/POP3 mail server allows you to setup mailboxes that also receive mail.  There are two ways to handle this mail.  Standard user clients can read the mail using any POP3 compatible mail client such as Eudora, Outlook, or Navigator.  In addition, you can setup mailboxes to deliver mail directly to your MultiValue applicaton code using either subroutine calls or by executing TCL commands.

Forwarding Mail

One of the more difficult things about setting up traditional mail servers is configuring mail forwarding rules.  The problem is really that mail forwarding rules are best managed in a database.  With PicLan-IP, this issue disappears.  Mail forwarding is controlled by a simple mail routing file that can forward any message to any mailbox, external destination, or combination of the above.  In addition, external forwarding can specify specific relay servers, load balance high-volume mailings, and control forwarding addresses to prevent spammers from using your mail relays.


While not nearly as sexy as web applications, PicLan-IP mail support provides easy integration of electronic mail with your MultiValue application processing.