The PicLan-IP TELNET Server

PicLan-IP provides inbound TELNET functions for native Pick hosts only.  If you do not have a native (AP/Pro, Mentor PRO, Sequioa PRO, or Pick/64+) system, you can skip this section.

Modular Software has supplied IPX based networking solutions for native Pick host systems since the days of R83 for the PC (1992).  Since then over 6000 PicLan IPX installations have served users around the world.  With the addition of TCP/IP protocol support for native hosts, PicLan-IP allows industry standard TCP/IP TELNET connections to operate with native Pick hosts.  This allows a number of unique opportunities for native host systems including:

  • Direct access to terminal sessions over the internet
  • Operation over TCP/IP Virtual Private Networks
  • Use of non-Pick-specific terminal emulators that support TELNET and Winsock
  • Use of Macintosh emulators
  • Use of serial device terminal servers
PicLan-IP inbound TELNET servers are extremely configurable allowing:
  • Control, by client IP address, of connections
  • Control of which Pick ports to connect to
  • Listens on multiple IP address
  • Listens on multiple TCP port numbers
  • Complete connection logging
PicLan-IP inbound TELNET extends the functionality of native Pick host system by proving direct, high performance support for TCP/IP networking functions and protocols directly from the Pick host without requiring intervening gateways.