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PicLan-IP v

November 27, 1998

PicLan-IP version is primarily a bug-fix release but there are a few new features.

New Authorization Codes

Version requires new authorization codes.  Please email modular software at to get a new code.  Please include your current PicLan-IP serial number.

mv/Web Generator

Connection Blocks

Allocating connection control block zero

An ongoing timing bug involving deleting connection block number zero has had some defensive programming applied.  The TCP/IP buffer layer will no longer allocate block zero.  This will hopefully make this bug less likely to reappear.

Global Error Pages

A new feature providing for global error pages has been added.

The file WWW.CTRL,LOCAL.PAGES has been added that creates local content web pages that can be accessed from any virtual web server.

If you specify a URL path that begins with an ampersand '&', then the web server will use the WWW.CTRL,LOCAL.PAGES file instead of the file specified in the HTTP LISTEN=... line of the PLIP.CTRL CONFIG item.

This feature is also used to generate busy pages for mv/Web applications when a web repost hits a locked state.

mvBase 1.3 Support

Version adds support for version 1.3 of General Automation's mvBase platform.
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