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PicLan-IP Installation

PicLan-IP has been developed for Universe/NT relese  PicLan-IP may run in conjunction with other Universe/NT releases, but this has not been tested.

Installing the PICLAN-IP Account

Beginning with release of PicLan-IP, the distribution set now has both an archive of the Universe 9.4 directory structure and a seperate UVBACKUP virtual save file of the same directory.  More information about using these file is included in the on-line READ.ME file that is included with the download.

Beginning with release of PicLan-IP, the installation method has been changed.  Previously, PicLan-IP was distributed as a virtual tape file that was created with the Universe Backup utility.  Beginning with, PicLan-IP is being distributed as a 32-bit PkZip archive of the c:\uv\PICLAN-IP directory structure.  This should allow you to restore this account to destination locations more easily than the Universe archive.

If you are loading PicLan-IP version prior to, you can still follow the old instructions:

The PicLan-IP software is distributed as a compresses archive (ZIP) file. When you uncompress this file, you will find that it contains a single Universe/NT virtual tape file called PLIPUVNT.TAP.
The PLIPUVNT.TAP file is restored using the restore utility within UVADMIN.  When restoring this file select:
Once the d:\uv\piclan-ip (or whatever you have named it) directory is restored, you should create a Universe account to point to this named PICLAN-IP.  You do this with the Universe account administration function within UVADMIN.

Configuring the PicLan-IP Software

You can then configure the PicLan-IP server software in the same manner as other PicLan-IP releases.  You should note the following differences as compared to native PicLan-IP releases: For more information, refer to the standard PicLan-IP configuration documentation:

Setting up the Native PicLan-IP Drivers

Once PicLan-IP is loaded and at least the DLL PATH= parameter is configured, you must execute the command: This program will: After the PLIP-SETUPUVNT program is executed, you must exit Universe before you attempt to use any PicLan-IP functions or start any PicLan-IP server processes.  It is not necessary to shutdown all of Universe or all of Windows NT.

Loading the PicLan-IP Drivers

note:  This proceedure may be eliminated in future PicLan-IP releases.

You must execute the command:

in order to actually start the PicLan-IP driver daemons.  This command only needs to be execute once.
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