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PicLan-IP Installation

This documentation is somewhat sketchy at the current time.  Additional documenation will be prepared over the next several weeks.
PicLan-IP has been developed for Unidata/NT relese 3.6.4.  PicLan-IP may run in conjunction with other Unidata/NT releases, but this has not been tested.

Installing the PICLAN-IP Account

The PicLan-IP software is distributed as a multidirectory 32-bit PkZip archive file. You should unzip this archive in a directory called PICLAN-IP under the Unidata directory on your C drive as in:
cd \unidata
md piclan-ip
cd piclan-ip
pkzip25 -extract -dir path\
If you have installed Unidata on a different drive letter than c:, you may need to make modifications to several VOC entries in the PICLAN-IP account.

Configuring the PicLan-IP Software

You can then configure the PicLan-IP server software in the same manner as other PicLan-IP releases.  You should note the following differences as compared to native PicLan-IP releases: For more information, refer to the standard PicLan-IP configuration documentation:

Loading the PicLan-IP Drivers

note:  This proceedure may be eliminated in future PicLan-IP releases.

You must execute the command:

in order to actually start the PicLan-IP driver daemons.  This command only needs to be execute once.  You can use the PLIP-UNLOAD command to stop the PicLan-IP Win32 helper task.

Unidata "Personality"

The PicLan-IP software runs in Pick personality mode.  CCALL statements are setup using the PASCAL calling convention (the default).  If you have applications that need to run in other personalities or with other calling conventions, you must be very careful to restore the systems state if these functions are called within the web server's context.

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