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PicLan-IP Installation

In order to install PicLan-IP for mv*Base, you must have mv*Base version 1.0 running on a Windows NT or Windows 95 system.  As of the time that this document was prepared, the only test system in use at Modular Software were Pentium systems running Windows NT 4.0 Server.  Windows 95 systems have not been tested yet.
On each system, you must have installed:

Installing the PICLAN-IP Account

The PicLan-IP software is downloadable as a compressed archive (ZIP) file. At this time, this file is manually installed using the following proceedure (a future release of PicLan-IP for mv*Base will probably include a somewhat more automated proceedure). You can then configure the PicLan-IP server software in the same manner as other PicLan-IP releases.  You should note the following differences as compared to native PicLan-IP releases: For more information, refer to the standard PicLan-IP configuration documentation: After PicLan-IP is configured, you execute the following command to activate the PicLan-IP software: This command will load the PicLan-IP support DLL (plip.dll) and allocate buffer space.  The PicLan-IP web server is then started with:
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