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PicLan-IP Installation
Native Hosts

In order to install PicLan-IP, you must have one of the following Pick host systems (additional hosts will be supported in future releases): On each system, you must have installed:
You must install PicLan before you install PicLan-IP.
You should test PicLan IPX connections before installing PicLan-IP.

Installing the PICLAN-IP Account

The PICLAN-IP account is installed in a manner very similar to the PIC-LAN account. You follow these steps: Once the PICLAN-IP account is loaded, you need to: Next, you need to configure the PicLan-IP configuration files. This process sets your IP network address and routing parameters. If you have configured TCP/IP systems before, this should look very familiar. If you have not configured TCP/IP systems before, you may need assistance with this. After the PicLan-IP configuration files are configured, you execute PLIP-INIT to actually initialize the PicLan-IP TCP/IP stack as well as allocating additional system memory for TCP/IP connection tables and buffers. At this point, you should be able to PING the Pick host system from another system on the TCP/IP network. If you cannot PING the Pick host, then something in your configuration is incorrect.

At this point the PicLan-IP TCP/IP stack is running and you can proceed to configuring the PicLan-IP Web Server.
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