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November 28, 1998

A setup of new documents describing PicLan-IP features and benefits are now available for specific host platforms:

Here is a list of frequently asked question concerning PicLan-IP.


Supported MultiValue Platforms

What Functionality is included in PicLan-IP

What is in the Current Release

How can I get the Current Release

How is PicLan-IP Licensed


What is PicLan-IP?

PicLan-IP is a suite of software solutions that implement internet protocol applictions within the Multi-Value environment.  By bringing TCP/IP solutions into the MultiValue environment, instead of requiring a bridge to external TCP/IP clients and servers, PicLan-IP allows MultiValue applications to directly control TCP/IP clients and servers.

This is not to imply that PicLan-IP is strictly a native Pick product. Native Pick support is available, but PicLan-IP is also available for hosted Multi-Value environments running in conjunctions with Windows NT and Unix.

How does PicLan-IP Compare with Unix and Windows NT Solutions?

Unix and Windows NT TCP/IP solutions are not MultiValue specific and require a separate "middle-ware" layer to interface with the MultiValue database. PicLan-IP eliminates the middle-ware and brings the TCP/IP solution directly within the MultiValue environment.

Why was a Web Server Implemented First?

The PicLan-IP Coyote Web Server was implemented first to demonstrate the power of the MultiValue environment to produce real content on the Internet. The World Wide Web is an explosive medium growing at an enormous pace. PicLan-IP allows MultiValue applications to directly drive the web. Because PicLan-IP's Web Server is implemented in the MultiValue environment directly, the programming interface to generate dynamic web content is easy, intuitive, and direct, instead of difficult, obscure, and multi-step. This means that web applications can be developed and deployed in a fraction of the time and with a superior level of reliability and performance.

What Elements are Included with PicLan-IP?

PicLan-IP includes:

Supported MultiValue Platforms

What Platforms are PicLan-IP currently running on?

The following MultiValue platforms are currently supported:
AP/Pro 6.1 Native
D3/NT 7.1.1 Windows NT / Windows 95
D3/ProPlus 7.0 Linux
Mentor PRO 4.0-5.0 Native
mv*Base 1.1-1.3 Windows NT / Windows 95
Pick/64+ 2.3 Native
SEQUOIApro 2.4-2.5 Native
Universe/NT 9.1 Windows NT
Unidata/NT 3.6 Windows NT

What Platforms are to be released next?

Can Platforms be added to this list?

Modular Software is always looking for input from users. If you have a MultiValue platform that you think would be a good candidate for PicLan-IP, please let us know.

What Functionality is included in PicLan-IP

What is Running Today?

PicLan-IP currently implements:

What is Scheduled?

Additional client and server functions for FTP and NNTP are under investigation along with additional utilities for manipulating internet mail and running in conjunctions with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and SET (Secure Electronic Transactions).

What is in the Current Release

What is in the Current Release

The current release includes HTTP, SMTP/POP3, and TELNET client and server components.

How can I get the Current Release

Required Host Environment

The current release requires one of the following MultiValue host systems: In addition, native hosts should have the latest PicLan version (or later) installed and have an Ethernet local area network with clients which have TCP/IP protocol stacks.

Windows 95/NT hosts may use any Windows supported network adapter in conjunction with O/S TCP/IP protocol stacks.

Downloading the Software

The PicLan-IP software is downloadable from Modular Software's web site at

Getting an Activation Code

Licensed copies of PicLan-IP include an activation code that is required in order for the software to operate.  This activation code is included with your PicLan-IP software package.

Getting an Evaluation Activate Code

30-45 day evaluation activation codes are avaible.  See the PicLan-IP home page for more information.

How is PicLan-IP Licensed

Different parts of PicLan-IP are licensed in different manners.  The HTTP server is licensed based on bandwidth.  Telnet functions are licensed based on the number of concurrent connections.  SMTP and mail functions are licensed based on bandwidth and the number of POP mailboxes. Other options are licensed based on whether the particular function is available.

Licensing Based on Bandwidth

Some aspects of PicLan-IP licensing are based on the bandwidth of network connections, instead of on numbers of users or similar measurements. Network bandwidth is essentially the speed at which the MultiValue host will produce TCP/IP network traffic. If you are connecting your MultiValue host directly to the Internet, this bandwidth should correspond to the bandwidth of your Internet connection (56K, T1, etc.). If you are using PicLan-IP for local area network users, then you will need to choose a bandwidth that meets the needs of your user base.

PicLan-IP Coyote Web Server demo licenses are setup for 8K/second or 25K/second bandwidth which represents the two most popular license sizes. If you are doing simple evaluation, either of these sizes should provide good performance with 5-20 active users.  If you wish to run actual performance benchmarks, please contact Modular Software to get a 10 Megabit/second demo license so that the bandwidth limiter does not impact your benchmark numbers.

With all PicLan-IP Coyote Web Server licenses, you do have the ability to lower this bandwidth to see how a lower amount of bandwidth will effect your application.

License Costs

Technical Support

Modular Software has decided to charge for on-going PicLan technical support and upgrades.  This decision was made to insure that current customers would have continuing access to the latest software release as well as direct support from Modular Software.

Technical support for 3 months is included in the license cost. Technical support and upgrades after that are available by contract for 20% of the license cost per year.  All users should assume that technical support contracts are required in order to receive any technical support, upgrades, bug fixes, or to purchase additional PicLan-IP configuration options.  With a PicLan-IP technical support contract, you have access to:

Dealers / Distributors

PicLan-IP will be offered through existing PicLan dealers and distributors should they wish to resell this new product. Dealer and Distributor discounts for PicLan-IP may be different than those offered for PicLan.

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