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PicLan-IP DNS Configuration

Some PicLan-IP functions require access to Domain Name Service functions. A DNS is an internet server that converts domain names like into IP addresses like  In addition to converting names to addresses, a DNS server can also convert addresses to names, and perform other lookup functions such as querying mail routing tables.

If you use any functions in PicLan-IP that require name lookups, then you must configure the PicLan-IP software to use one or more external Domain Name Servers.  This configuration is accomplished in the PLIP.CTRL CONFIG item:

Parameter Format Description Default
DNS= IP Address
The IP address of a running Domain Name Server.  This may be a local DNS server, or a server at your ISP.  You can enter multiple DNS= lines to use more than one DNS server. none
DNS WAIT= hh:mm:ss The amount of time to wait between DNS UDP transmits 2 seconds
DNS RETRY= ## The number of total attempts to perform a DNS query operation 4
DNS TIMEOUT= hh:mm:ss The total length of time to wait for a DNS query answer 30 seconds
DNS CLEANUP= hh:mm:ss The interval between DNS cache cleanup scans 1 hour

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