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PicLan-IP Installation

In order to install PicLan-IP for D3/NT, you must have D3/NT build 261 or later.  This release consists of: As of October 21, 1997, this is a test release from Pick Systems. Use of PicLan-IP with build 230 is possible but a bug in Flash Basic will cause web pages over 30K (15K for binary items) to truncate.

You should be able to run D3/NT on a Windows NT or Windows 95 system, but only Windows NT has been tested at Modular Software.

In addition, you must install Windows TCP/IP protocol support and associated network adapters.

Installing the PICLAN-IP Account

The PicLan-IP software is downloadable as a compressed archive (ZIP) file. At this time, this file is manually installed using the following proceedure (a future release of PicLan-IP for D3/NT will probably include a somewhat more automated proceedure). You can then configure the PicLan-IP server software in the same manner as other PicLan-IP releases.  You should note the following differences as compared to native PicLan-IP releases: For more information, refer to the standard PicLan-IP configuration documentation: After PicLan-IP is configured, you execute the following command to activate the PicLan-IP software: This command will load the PicLan-IP support DLL (plip.dll) and allocate buffer space.  The PicLan-IP web server is then started with:
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