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May 16, 2001

PicLan-IP RPC Services

You can now link your MultiValue systems together as never before. PicLan-IP RPC Services let BASIC program call subroutines across the net. These subroutine calls work across the room over the LAN, across the company over the WAN, and around the world over the internet.

If you have more than one MultiValue system, either in a single location or at multiple sites, PicLan-IP RPC Services can link the system to each other allowing applications and users unprecedented access to shared resources.

Ease of Programming

PicLan-IP RPC Services operate as subroutine calls.  You application code calls an mv/BASIC subroutine and this subroutine is "remoted" to a distant system.  This "Remote Procedure Call" is completely transparent to your application.  All you need to do is write external mv/BASIC subroutines that pass data with parameters and PicLan-IP RPC Services take care of all of the inter-machine communications.

PicLan-IP RPC Services support:

Cross Platform Compatibility

PicLan-IP RPC Services are fully cross-platform compatible among all supported PicLan-IP platforms.  If you have remote Mentor PRO systems that need to call subroutines that run on mvBase or UniVerse, PicLan-IP provides the inter-machine communications that you need.

This allows you to interconnect native-Pick, D3, mvBase, UniVerse, UniData, and UniVision systems in ways never before possible.


PicLan-IP RPC Services are built using the proven HTTP client/server engine that has been a part of PicLan-IP's Coyote Web Server for years.  Adding to this legacy, PicLan-IP RPC Services further insures the reliability of your transactions with:


PicLan-IP RPC Services are fast.  Using the proven Coyote HTTP engine, PicLan-IP RPC Services can easily run at >1 Mbyte/second for large transactions and >100 transactions/second for small transactions.  Of course, this assumes modern, high-performance hardware and fast local networks.

For wide-area networks and internet usage, PicLan-IP RPC services feature very low "payload overhead" only moving the data that is needed by your subroutines logic.  In addition, you can define which parameters need to be transferred in which direction to further reduce network traffic.


PicLan-IP RPC Services are built entirely on 100% standard TCP/IP and HTTP protocols.  If the client system can reach the server system via HTTP, then RPC calls work.  Intermediate layers can include such network technologies as: PicLan-IP RPC Services work across local networks as well as across private WANs and the internet.


PicLan-IP RPC Services provide complete access control at the subroutine level.  You can even password protect subroutines.  This allows you to safely deploy PicLan-IP RPC Services, even on large networks.

A future release of the PicLan-IP RPC Services will add high strength encryption to actual data transfers.  This will make transmitting sensitive information such as financial and medical transactions practical using the internet.


PicLan-IP RPC Services are affordable.  PicLan-IP RPC Services provide unlimited functionality between any licensed system.  There are no bandwidth limiters or connection count limitations.  RPC Services are licensed and function independently of other PicLan-IP modules.  Also, all licensed PicLan-IP RPC Services systems can act as both clients and servers allowing for bi-directional and peer-to-peer transactions between systems.

PicLan-IP end-user pricing is ...

First 2 servers $750/ea
each additional server $500/ea

Volume and VAR discounts are available.


PicLan-IP RPC Services can be used anywhere one MultiValue systems needs data from another.

In fact, nearly any database operation can be setup to remote access data and program logic.

PicLan-IP RPC Services information is available at:

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