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May 15, 2001

PicLan-IP / Coyote build

PicLan-IP build is now available for all platforms. This release includes a number of bug fixes including:

Transient connection kills

A logic bug in a watchdog routine was intermittently killing TCP connections. It is hoped that this is the cause of inbound TELNET hangups that some users have reported.

Multi-user locks on host file system access

Some web sites have been reporting 500 error / zero content length problems. This appears to be a multi-user error if two process thread try to import the same file simultaniously. In this scenario, the first thread would succeed, but the second would write a zero-length cache record into the Coyote control files.

This release adds a multi-user lock around the import function which should fix this problem.

RPC release 1.0.1

This build formalizes the licensing mechanism for PicLan-IP RPC services. As of this release, RPC services are seperately enabled and can be run independent of Coyote and sockets API licenses, and without bandwidth restrictions.

For complete PicLan-IP / Coyote information, please visit:

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