Coyote Admin Application Overview

The Coyote Web Server includes a new administration application. This application serves two purposes:

  • It provides control and monitoring functions for the PicLan-IP server components
  • It is a good example of an mv/Web application

You can access the admin applicaton at:

If you would like to look at the source code for this application, you can examine the files on-line on your system (assuming you have Coyote version or later loaded). The application is stored in the following files:

ADMIN.SRC - The source code for the application's BASIC modules
ADMIN.HTM - The source HTML documents
ADMIN.OBJ - The target application "object" file

The Coyote Web Server is configured to allow access to this application with the following CONFIG line:


The source code may also be examined using the following links that point to the web server:

Source code modules:

ADMIN   Main-line program module.
ADMIN.COMMON   Include with application common definitions.
EXECTCL.SUB   Subroutine to display captured TCL command.
USAGE.SUB   Subroutine to display web server usage charts.

HTML templates:

ADMIN1.HTM   ADMIN: Main menu.
REPORT.HTM   EXECTCL.SUB: Used to display captured TCL command.
USAGE.HTM   USAGE.SUB: Used to enter usage parameters
USAGEREPORT.HTM   USAGE.SUB: Used to display usage graphs.
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