Support Policies and Costs

Accessing Support

Modular Software supports the products it sells.  With PicLan-IP, the following supports and costs are available to resellers, developers, and end-users:
  • Access to Modular Software's web pages which include extensive on-line documentation, white papers, and technical notes.
  • Access to software upgrades via download over the internet.
  • Access to direct support via:
    • email - support at (preferred)
    • phone - 949 831-4774 - not a toll-free number - 10-5 Pacific time M-F

What is Supported

Support is provided for the following areas of PicLan-IP:
  • PicLan-IP installation and configuration
  • Basic server operation
  • Basic server application interfaces
PicLan-IP support does not include support for:
  • The underlying MultiValue installation
  • Writing and/or debugging your application code or web content
  • Debugging your physical installation and/or network installation
  • Setup of internet access or internet security functions outside of PicLan-IP
  • Other aspects of your installation that are not specifically the responsibility of the PicLan-IP software.
Modular Software does try to be helpful with issues that are not directly associated with PicLan-IP but cannot commit to support these within the PicLan-IP support policy.

Free Support Period

Free telephone support and upgrades are provided for 3 months from the time that PicLan-IP is originally purchased

Support Contracts

After the initial three month free support period, Modular Software will invoice support contracts that cover 12 month periods.  The current cost of these support contracts is 20% of the PicLan-IP software license cost.

If your PicLan-IP license is upgraded because you have added features or capabilities to your system, then your support contract will be adjusted to reflect the upgrade.  You will receive free support for 3 months for the upgrade portion of your PicLan-IP license and then receive an invoice for the remaining period of any existing support contract pro-rated for the number of months that the additional features are enabled on your PicLan-IP license

Dealer Discounts

Support contract can be billed to either the end-user or to the reseller.  If support contracts are billed to the reseller, then the reseller receives a discount on the support contract at their standard PicLan-IP discount schedule.  Regardless of where support is billed to, both the end-user and reseller can access support directly.